#34 - with Alyn Wallace

February 21, 2018

Join us as we chat with top Astro photographer Alyn Wallace. Alyn is based in Wales near some amazing dark sky locations and has built quite a following for his Astro photography and accompanying Vlogs. Paul chats with him about how he got started, what motivates him to keep exploring, his workshops and how to prepare and shoot a great Astro image.

Also in this weeks show we mention some upcoming events including; The Photography Show at the NEC in March, the Vision 9 Exhibition at the OxO Tower Gallery in London (April) and 'Forgotten Little Creatures' by Victoria Hillman (vikspics.com).

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#33 - with Darren Ciolli-Leach

January 31, 2018

On this weeks show we chat with the prolific landscape photographer Darren Ciolli-Leach. Darren has a fantastic portfolio of landscape work and his professional background in graphic design is evident in his expertly crafted compositions. Darren is also a highly skilled printer and we get into this and lots more in our chat on this episode.

We cover his background in shooting punk bands, getting snapped up by a graphic design company and how he now explores and enjoys the landscape as a means of relaxation and exploration. Darren is an obsessive about composition and balancing elements so we talk about how this translates practically when out in the field and much more and how photography has helped him through lifes ups and downs.

We also catch up on the latest news including the BPOTY winner (well done Rachael Talibart!) and discuss the upcoming Photography Show at the NEC in March 2018. We'll be back in 2 weeks with Astrophotographer Alyn Wallace.

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#32 - with Dr Michael Pritchard (RPS Chief Executive)

January 17, 2018

Welcome back to our first show of 2018. In this episode we have a great interview with the current Chief Executive of the Royal Photographic Society, Dr Michael Pritchard. Paul chats with Michael about his photographic history and also the relevance of the RPS to today's photographers and the challenges and successes of the organisation over the last few years and looking forward to the future.

We hope you enjoy this peak behind the scenes of the RPS which is the largest membership group for photography and photographers in the UK and second largest in the world. If you'd like to know more about the RPS please visit www.rps.org

We also mention a free giveaway of the prints Paul & Doug Chinnery produced in the Extreme Printing episode whilst in the Peak District. Jump over to our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram pages from Friday 19th Jan to be in with a chance of winning.

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We'll be back in 2 weeks with the excellent Darren Ciolli-Leach.


#31 - Extreme Printing with Doug Chinnery and Paul Sanders

December 13, 2017

Join Sam, Paul and Doug Chinnery in the Peak District as they brave the conditions for some 'Extreme Printing' with the team from Fotospeed. We'll take you behind the scenes with Paul and Doug and we'll chat to them throughout the process and get into their motivations, the challenges of shooting to a deadline and the experience of editing and printing their images just a few metres from where they were shot.

Apart from the novely of 'Extreme Printing' we hope this offers an interesting insight into two top photographers differing styles and approaches when out in the landscape. It certainly resulted in very different images being produced which reflected the aesthetic visions of each photographer accordingly.

We also talk a little about the Fotospeed range and the differences in some of their paper types and which may suit certain images in particular.

This is our last show of 2017 - But stay tuned for lots more from us in 2018 and keep your eye on our various social media channels and website (www.TheTogcast.com) for some upcoming videos.

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#30 - Snowdonia Special

December 4, 2017

Join us on our special 'on location' episode from Snowdonia with Greg Whitton, Karl Mortimer and various special guests. We recently gave away a free weekend workshop to some lucky listeners and this was our report from out in the field...literally!

There was some wild weather and plenty of photography, chat and general good spirits. In the episode we catch up with Greg and talk to him about his love for Snowdonia, the importance of ongoing development and more. We also chat with fellow leader Karl Mortimer about his experiences in the area, especially around Dinorwic.

We hope you enjoy this 'on location' episode, why not check out the images on our website (www.thetogcast.com) and of course the videos will be coming soon on our YouTube channel, just search 'The Togcast'.

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#29 - with Rob Knight

November 15, 2017

Join Sam and Paul (in a camper van in the Lake District!) as they feature this weeks guest photographer - Rob Knight (http://www.rkphotographic.com/)

Rob is a photographer, educator and exhibitor amongst other things and we get into some of his motivations and the meaning behind some of his longer term projects. We look at why he shoots in black and white mostly and what motivates his shooting patterns. We also chat about what makes a successful project and how to explore themes within them.

We've also produced some screen videos with Rob chatting through particular images in greater detail. Just head over to YouTube and search 'The Togcast' to find our channel with all our videos.

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We'll be back in a couple of weeks with a special 'on location' show from Snowdonia.


#28 - with Adam Burton

November 1, 2017

On this show we're joined by leading pro Adam Burton. Adam has 15+ years experience shooting landscapes for commercial clients such as National Geographic, The AA and Ford - plus he takes great pleasure in teaching on various workshops and 1-2-1s and supplying images for magazines and books. Paul has a great chat with Adam about the importance of getting it right in camera, keeping his images as pure as possible and the travails of keeping a photography business afloat in the current climate.

This is a great chat with one of the most respected landscape photographers on the UK scene. Adam has a knack of finding great natural light and showcasing the glory of his surroundings through clean and natural compositions and field technique. You can see more of Adams work at www.adamburtonphotography.com

As usual we'd like to thank Wex Photographic for supporting the show and welcome another new supporter this week...Fotospeed! We'd also like to point you in the direction of our YouTube channel to check out the new videos and upcoming 'Render My Raw' video with Alex Nail where you can win one of his prints.

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#27 - with Thomas Heaton

October 18, 2017

Join us as we chat with YouTube superstar Thomas Heaton. Tom has millions of views on his YouTube photography videos and has forged a full-time career out of his video chronicles of his landscape photography journeys. He's been into photography for many years and we chat about the ups and downs of his new found 'fame' and also some of the ways his images have developed aesthetically.

This is an interesting insight into a 'new world' for photographers and it shows the other paths available to try and carve out a living. More than anything Tom's passion for being in the great outdoors really comes out. We also sat down with Tom for an image review video which you can find on TheTogcast.com or our YouTube channel.

We also discuss the LPOTY winning image and look forward to our next guest Adam Burton who will be on the show in 2 weeks.

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#26 - with Colin Prior

October 4, 2017

We're delighted to welcome top pro Colin Prior to the show as our guest. Colin has produced numerous landscape photography books, been the subject of a BBC featured show called 'Mountain Man' and is widely respected in the industry. Well known for his emotive landscapes of Scotland and further afield, Colin has a passion for the wild landscapes of this world but is very forthright and realistic about the pursuit of these landscape desires. His career has lasted for many years and he's ridden the various ups and downs in Photography and adapted as he goes to continue producing top quality work.

Join us for this full and frank discussion about Colins work, his past and his present and also how he sees the state of the photography business today and how this affects the quality and quantity of work currently on show. Colin has been there, done it, and is still doing it so this is a great chance to pick up some info from someone so highly respected and world renowned.

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#25 -with Susan Brown + 1 Year Anniversary Special

September 20, 2017

We're celebrating 1 year of The Togcast on this show with Sam & Paul both at the helm. Our guest on this special show is photographer Susan Brown (FRPS). Paul caught up with Susan at her home in Devon and discussed amongst other things the role of women in photography, the Royal Photographic Society (of which she is a fellow and Deputy Head of the Fine Art panel) and also her developing style and landscape aesthetic. Susan has exhibited widely across the UK and abroad, she has also appeared on the BBC discussing photography and runs her own very popular workshops. To see some of Susan's work take a look at http://www.susanbrownphotography.co.uk

Also on this weeks show we release another video with Bruce Percy, this time chatting with him about his images from Hokkaido, Japan. You can see the video by checking out TheTogcast.com or this YouTube link: https://youtu.be/lJcGRvHreMY

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And, a massive thanks to you all for listening. Stay tuned for more in the coming months!

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