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#67 - with Chris Nowell - Landscape Photographer

#67 - with Chris Nowell - Landscape Photographer

October 17, 2019

We're back with a new episode and we catch up with the enigmatic Chris Nowell. Chris served in the military from 2001 to 2007 in tours of Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan. During a tour in Afghanistan he was badly injured in a rocket attack on his base and suffered severe head injuries, extensive skull fractures and brain damage. This neurological damage resulted in sight loss.

Amazingly, with help from Blind Veterans UK and local photographers, he has forged a path into the world of landscape photography despite his challenges with partial vision. Paul chats with Chris in more detail on the show and finds out about the positive impact photography has had on his life.

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#66 - with Tom Walker (Professional Cameraman - Planet Earth II, Coast etc)

#66 - with Tom Walker (Professional Cameraman - Planet Earth II, Coast etc)

September 17, 2019

In this episode we catch up with professional wildlife cameraman Tom Walker. Tom’s video credits include scenes in hit wildlife documentaries such as Planet Earth II, Autumnwatch, Coast, Wild New Zealand and many more. His passion for the great outdoors and the landscape started with landscape photography and we chat about his transition into moving images and the lifestyle and work of a professional cameraman.

Alongside this we discuss the challenges both technically and mentally of being on location for months on end waiting for spectacular animal behaviour or indeed witnessing natural wonders of the world. We touch on hot topics including the impact of climate change and tourism, alongside some tips for how to break into this industry.

Tom is also a passionate landscape photographer and we discuss his free approach to this shooting style.

Thanks as ever to WEX Photo Video & Fotospeed for supporting the show. We’ll be back in in a couple of weeks time with Chris Nowell to discuss his transition into photography after spending time in the military where he suffered life changing injuries.


  • Exhibition #1: This is an exhibition of a group of photographers from the Peak District displaying their work at the Nicholson Museum and Art Gallery in Leek from 14th September to the 9th November. The exhibition is called “Call of the Wild”and you can find out more on the Enjoy Staffordshire website: ( - Thanks to Matt Oliver for getting in touch via our Instagram page and letting us know about this one.
  • Exhibition #2: This is actually one we’ve spotted and wanted to mention. It’s called ‘The Northern Eye Photography Festival’ based in Colwyn Bay and it features a number of speakers on the weekend of Saturday 12th & Sunday 13th October. It features, amongst others, John Bulmer one of the pioneers of colour documentary photography and Dan Wood who is a documentary and portrait photographer whose work we enjoy. You can find out more via the website:
  • Exhibition #3: David Ward has some new work on display at the Joe Cornish Galleries  in Northallerton. Images from his new series ‘Overlooked’ are being featured from 7th Sep to 14th Dec. More info via
Connected 2019 - Q&A Day 2 (John Blakemore, Prof. Tim Allott, Sam Gregory)

Connected 2019 - Q&A Day 2 (John Blakemore, Prof. Tim Allott, Sam Gregory)

August 21, 2019

This is the second live Q&A session from the Connected 2019 exhibition. On this panel we feature the legendary John Blakemore, Professor Tim Allott and our very own Sam Gregory. This is a great Q&A session which features a nice mix of some heavy-hitting topics and plenty of practical advice.

Amongst other points we discuss whether landscape photography is stuck in something of a time-warp, what our relationship with the land is and how we might (or might not!) be able to use photography to convey messages, be they emotional or political. We also cover some practical topics including getting inspiration and shooting in projects as well as a little about curating and understanding your own work and motivations. There’s plenty to get your teeth into in this episode!

Episode Timings:

00:48 - Introduction

05:15 - Main Q&A Section

49:28 - News & Exhibition Section

52:02 - Next Guest Info (Tom Walker - Wildlife Cameraman, Planet Earth II)

News & Exhibition Info:

  • A new exhibition of seascape images called ‘Where the Land Meets the Sea’ which is presented by a group of photographers (Phil Edwards, Lisa Mardell, Jo Pannifer) called ‘Light & Form’, it’s being held at New Ashgate Gallery in Farnham. It runs from September 17th – 28th 2019 (Closed 22nd and 23rd)
  • Elizabeth Roberts (editor B&W Photography Mag + Episode #62 guest) has some new images showing at ‘The Old Forge, South Heighton’ over the next 3 weekends as part of the ‘Art Wave’ festival which is in Sussex featuring artists & makers.
  • FotoFest at the University of Bath is coming very soon on Sunday Sep 8th featuring Martin Parr, Rachael Talibart, Tom Way and Nigel Danson. More info via

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#65 - with Richard Young (New Zealand based Landscape Photographer)

#65 - with Richard Young (New Zealand based Landscape Photographer)

August 8, 2019

Based in Wellington (NZ) Richard Young is a full-time landscape and wildlife photographer. Originally from the UK, Richard’s photography has been recognised in numerous competitions, including awards at The International Landscape Photographer of the Year, The Fine Art Photography Awards, The International Photography Awards. Richard also won the ‘Best Landscape Photograph’ at the Banff Mountain Photography Competition.

His works sell as fine art prints from his gallery in Wellington and have been widely exhibited across New Zealand, Canada, America and England in both solo and group exhibitions.

He has spent time hiking and climbing in some of New Zealand’s most remote and wild places, capturing photographs of awe-inspiring and unspoilt places. Richard has also travelled extensively, including across Africa, building a reputation as a fine wildlife photographer as well as adding to his landscape portfolio.

Many thanks to and for supporting the show. We'll be back in 2 weeks with a Q&A session from the Connected Exhibition featuring our very own Sam Gregory on the panel, alongside John Blakemore and Prof.Tim Allott.

The Togcast is hosted by Sam Gregory & Paul Sanders, find out more via

#64 - with Tom Mason, Wildlife & Landscape Photographer

#64 - with Tom Mason, Wildlife & Landscape Photographer

July 25, 2019

In this episode we chat with wildlife & landscape photographer Tom Mason ( Tom is passionate about the natural world and has carved out a career as a photographer & journalist specialising in wildlife. His work takes him around the world but he’s equally at home getting to know the wide range of species here in the UK.

We chat with Tom about his early beginnings living on a farm and discovering photography, through to the importance of respecting your subject and the natural world in general. He is driven by a desire to constantly improve and to push the boundaries of his own limitations. We cover some of the hot topics in wildlife photography including the ecological challenges of travelling and also some of the ethics with wildlife photography and the boundaries of responsible behaviour.

Thanks as ever to WEX Photo Video & Fotospeed for supporting the show. We’ll be back in two weeks time when we catch up with New Zealand based landscape photographer Richard Young.

#63 - Michael Kenna Exhibition at Bosham Gallery

#63 - Michael Kenna Exhibition at Bosham Gallery

July 11, 2019

In this episode Paul travels to the Bosham Gallery on the South Coast to chat with owner Luke Whitaker about their Michael Kenna ‘45 Year Retrospective’ exhibition. Michael Kenna (born 1953) is one of the most acclaimed landscape photographers of his generation. His photographs have been the subject of some 50 monographs and are held in the collections of over 100 museums worldwide.

Kenna does not seek to present an accurate copy of the world, but to extract something original and emotive from it. He prints all his own work in the darkroom, ensuring that the tonality of his small, black and white images is evocative rather than informative, interpretive rather than documentary.

Paul and Luke discuss some of Michael’s work, his process and how other photographers can be inspired by his consistency and aesthetic. Also, they discuss the reality of running a photographic gallery, what works and what doesn’t, along with how to finesse and create your own photographic style.

Thanks as ever to WEX Photo Video & Fotospeed for supporting the show. We’ll be back in two weeks time when we catch up with a rising star in the Wildlife photography scene, Tom Mason.

#62 - with Elizabeth Roberts

#62 - with Elizabeth Roberts

June 27, 2019

We catch up with Elizabeth Roberts, editor of 'Black & White Photography' magazine, here in the latest episode.

Paul chats with Elizabeth about what makes compelling photography, the importance of play and of course the state of the photographic press and the realities of running a magazine.

Also in this show we mention the upcoming Linda McCartney exhibition up in Glasgow and also the Michael Kenna exhibition at the Bosham Gallery. Our next episode will be an interview with gallery owner Luke Whittaker discussing Michaels work and exhibiting in general.

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#61 - with Paul Mitchell

#61 - with Paul Mitchell

June 14, 2019

We catch up with photographer Paul Mitchell recently to discuss his photography and many hot topics. Paul has had numerous exhibitions in London and the South East and has had articles and images published in many photographic magazines. He is a Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and currently serves on the Fine Art Distinctions Panel. 

A trustee of the Stephen H Tyng Collection, a member of the prestigious Arena group and a founder member of The Landscape Collective UK (LCUK). Paul is also a well respected photographic judge and lecturer (

We recorded this interview in front of a live audience at the Woking & East Berks Camera Club. If you’d be interested in having a live Togcast event at your club please do get in touch.

We’ll be back in 2 weeks time with Elizabeth Roberts, the Editor of ‘Black & White Photography’ magazine.

Thanks as ever to WEX Photo Video & Fotospeed for supporting the show.

Connected 2019 - Q&A Day 1 (Paul Sanders, Lucy Saggers & Sarah Medway)

Connected 2019 - Q&A Day 1 (Paul Sanders, Lucy Saggers & Sarah Medway)

May 24, 2019

In this episode we feature the Q&A recorded live at Connected 2019 Exhibition Day 1. The featured photographers were; Lucy Saggers (documentary), Sarah Medway (landscape and wildlife) and our very own Paul Sanders (landscape and fine art). Handling the audience questions was the event organiser Rob Knight.

The varied nature of styles and approach from the 3 guest photographers made for a great Q&A session featuring various questions from the audience. There were various themes including; working on commission vs personal work, finding a connection within a landscape, dealing with the pressures of social media, camera club positive and negatives and much more.

We hope you enjoy this Q&A session, we’ll be back on Friday 14th June with our next episode featuring landscape photographer, tutor, judge and speaker Paul Mitchell. Huge thanks to WEX Photo Video and Fotospeed as ever for supporting the show.

#60 - with Andrew Gray

#60 - with Andrew Gray

May 10, 2019

We’re delighted to welcome Andrew Gray to the show. Andrew is a photographer specialising in abstract and impressionist images of the landscape. Using a blend of camera movement, in camera settings and computer techniques, he strives to use the camera as a paintbrush to create original and unique work. Inspired by local history and landscapes in the North East, Andrew is heavily influenced by the old English painting masters.

Many of his images are of recognisable historic buildings or locations, but through his process he turns them into quite different interpretations using his favoured techniques and colour palette. We talk to Andrew about his motivations, the techniques he uses and how this style blurs the boundaries between photography, classical art and digital art.