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#51 - with Nick Livesey

#51 - with Nick Livesey

December 18, 2018

Our guest on this podcast is Snowdonia based mountain photographer Nick Livesey (nick Nick has a great back-story of finding salvation in the mountains of Wales and speaks candidly about his thoughts on photography and life in general. His mountain work has gained many followers and his knowledge of the Snowdonia area is second to none. Sam caught up with Nick a couple of months ago to talk about his past, his present and future in this lively and entertaining chat.

Nick has recently released a book with the publishers Fotovue. This amazing book features walks, images and mountain advice surrounding the Snowdonia Mountains in particular. Why not check out the book via the shop on Nicks website.

We'll be back in the first week of January, 2019 with photographer Astrid McGechan. 

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Connected Exhibition Q&A - Day 1

Connected Exhibition Q&A - Day 1

November 25, 2018

This is a special live Q&A recording from Day 1 of the Connected Exhibition Photography event in the Summer of 2018. This session features photographers Rob Knight, Paul Mitchell, Marianthi Lainas and the duo of Leeming & Paterson.

In this live session the panel take questions from the audience covering many of todays hot photographic topics such as; Social Media pressures, Single Images vs Series, Composition, Digital File Management and Photographic Legacy. It's a great chance to hear from these photographers on a wide range of issues.

Thanks to Rob Knight for hosting the Q&A in Sams absence. We will be back soon, hopefully with Day 2 of the Connected Event featuring Colin Bell, Chris Dale and Isabel Curdes. Also before Christmas we'll have an entertaining episode with Nick Livesey, a Snowdonia based mountain photographer.

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#50 - with Justin Minns

#50 - with Justin Minns

November 16, 2018

Joining us on this special 50th edition of the podcast is Justin Minns. Justin is a professional photographer who delights in capturing the beauty and spirit of his native East Anglia. His skills have led him to feature in various publications and competitions, and he now also explores around the world leading workshops. 

Paul caught up with Justin in East Anglia and they discussed his relatively short photographic life and how it's consumed him accordingly. You can see more of his work via

Also on this show we ask our listeners to take part in a quick survey. This will help us shape the podcast over the coming months and years. We'd very much appreciate you taking a few minutes to take part, the link for this is available via

In the news section we also talk about some City Guides by Ben Brain, the first of which is about photographing in Bath. You can see more about this via

The other item in our news section is the exhibition of Neil Mansfield over in Wales. This is a 5 year body of work celebrating and exploring the Nedd Valley. Check out for more information including dates and the images.

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Sam & Paul

#49 - with Nigel Danson

#49 - with Nigel Danson

November 1, 2018

This weeks guest is Pro Photographer and YouTuber Nigel Danson. Nigel has a long photographic history and his story is one of exploration and salvation in many ways. After building a successful tech company Nigel had a terrible accident that led him to re-assess his life goals and re-connect with his love of photography. We get into his back-story and also his new lease of life and the mysteries (or not) of YouTube and how it’s transformed his life from a photographic and professional point of view. Check out more of his work on or via his YouTube Channel.

Also on this show we discuss three new books from Alex Boyd, Norman McCloskey and Doug Chinnery - all of which are well worth your attention.

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#48 - with Cheryl Hamer

#48 - with Cheryl Hamer

October 19, 2018

We welcome Cheryl Hamer to the show to discuss creative ruts, the importance of actually enjoying your photography and her new passion for alternative techniques. Based on Anglesey, Cheryl has a great passion for the landscape and after reaching a difficult period with her work she found energy from collaboration and experimenting with new ways of creating work. We discuss other influences such as painters, and how they have influenced and inspired her work.

It’s been a ‘re-birth’ for her photographically and for anyone else out there feeling stuck in the creative doldrums, or loathe being stuck in the rules of golden hours then this is a great show to get some inspiration from. 

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#47 - with Paul Gallagher

#47 - with Paul Gallagher

October 4, 2018

We welcome the highly experienced landscape photographer Paul Gallagher to the show on Episode 47. Paul was schooled in film photography, dark room printing and development and has enjoyed a 30+ year career as a professional photographer.

We chat with Paul about his early days and passion for black and white, all the way through to his modern day work where he has firmly embraced the digital revolution. He now enjoys pursuing new photographic avenues such as exploring Infrared and is passionate about teaching other photographers to express themselves from capture to print.

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#46 - with Marianthi Lainas

#46 - with Marianthi Lainas

September 13, 2018

We welcome Marianthi Lainas to the show this week. Marianthi is a fine art and landscape photographer who has exhibited  and displayed her work across the UK. She is known for her careful compositions, often based around the changing coast and tides, and now is building quite a following for her beautiful hand-made books which she produces in limited editions. Sam chats with Marianthi about her yearning for certain landscapes to suit her aesthetic, and getting underneath the skin of locations to understand them more deeply with a view to making more meaningful work.

To see more of Marianthi's work check out

Also on the show we look back at the recent FotoFest event in Bath, and look forward to our next episode with experienced pro photographer Paul Gallagher.

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#45 - with Karl Mortimer

#45 - with Karl Mortimer

August 24, 2018

We catch up with Welsh photographer Karl Mortimer on this weeks episode. Karl is well respected for his carefully considered images. Many of you may have seen his work from Snowdonia on social media and in various magazines, and he talks to Sam about his motivations, his retrospections and his desire for order and balance in his compositions.

Please go and check out more about Karl via his website: and give him a follow on social media. 

Also in this episode we discuss (briefly!) the new Nikon mirrorless arrivals to the market and Paul's new 'Calm through the Camera' project. We also look forward to FotoFest South which is taking place in Bath on Sunday, Sep 9th. This features 4 leading photographers giving talks about their work, plus a special trade display area this year as well. For more, check out

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We'll be back in 2-3 weeks time with our next guest Cheryl Hamer.

#44 - Top Photographers Q&A at FotoFest

#44 - Top Photographers Q&A at FotoFest

August 10, 2018

This episode features Mark Littlejohn, Charlie Waite, Ted Leeming, Morag Paterson and Tom Way in a Q&A session live with Sam. Hosted at the recent FotoFest Central event in Nottingham, this is a great chance to hear from multiple top photographers on one stage. We cover various topics including the importance of photography as a medium and how it's progressing, along with the photographers own approach to shooting and approaching locations. We also take a few questions from the live audience.

We hope you enjoy this group chat and can take some inspiration from their words and advice. We'll be back in two weeks with the fantastic Karl Mortimer as our guest.

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#43 - with Benedict Brain

#43 - with Benedict Brain

July 27, 2018

This episode features Ben Brain, who was until very recently the editor of Digital Camera magazine. Ben has a long photographic back story which we get into during the show including his time at Art College, then working around the world as a pro shooter. This is a great chat with a photographer who has been active in many parts of photography. Ben now leads tours and workshops for Light & Land and is regularly called upon by bodies such as the Royal Photographic Society to act as a judge or mentor to upcoming photographers. 

Also in this show, Sam and Paul reflect upon the 'Evolving Landscapes' exhibition that was recently held in London in which they both exhibited some work for Light & Land. We also look forward to our next show which will be a roundtable Q&A with Mark Littlejohn, Ted Leeming, Morag Paterson, Tom Way and Charlie Waite recorded recently at the Fotospeed FotoFest Central event.

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