The Togcast Photography Podcast

#13 - with Denis & Fre Hocking

March 15, 2017

We're delighted to be joined by the photographic duo of Denis & Fre Hocking on this weeks episode. Paul caught up with them recently to discuss their photographic origins and how their journey has led them to producing a new book called Yubi (Gentle Beauty).

The new book, and exhibition, is a collection of photographs based on Zen Haiku, which embrace the human sensibility and love of nature and simplicity and reflect the spiritual moods linked to the time of day. This is a great chat about how the book came about, the journey they've both taken and some of the challenges they face as a photographic 'couple'.

For more on Denis & Fre Hocking please check out

Also on Episode 13 we discuss some upcoming events including; The Photography Show at the NEC, the London Lens Show on Saturday May 6th and the upcoming ConnectTEN exhibition. Sam chats with Rob Knight who organises the Connected Exhibitions and you can see more about that here:

Thanks as ever to WEX Photographic who support the show, make them your no.1 choice for all things camera, lens and gear related. With a huge choice, great prices and award winning service they are the #1 UK camera suppliers!

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We will be back for Episode 14 in a couple of weeks with David Clapp...

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