The Togcast Photography Podcast

#23 - with David Hopley ‘King of the Drones’

July 27, 2017

We're joined by David Hopley, our self titled 'king of the drones'! Joking aside David has carved out a following in the aerial photography scene and has been successful with his images in Landscape Photographer of the Year, Outdoor Photographer of the Year and other competitions. Drone/Aerial photography can split opinion and so we do get into this with David as well as chatting with him about his early experiences, what he learnt, how he became a qualified aerial pilot and much more.

We hope you enjoy this chat with David, for more about him and his images please visit:

Also on this show we mention the upcoming 'Fotofest' show on September 10th where Paul is one of the guest speakers and The Togcast will be hosting a mini Q&A at the end of the days proceedings. For more info on this inspirational and enjoyable day of all things photography visit

As ever we'd like to say a BIG THANKS to our friends at WEX Photographic. They are the UK's no.1 camera and video supplier with excellent customer service, top deals and rapid delivery. Check them out at

VIDEO: If you'd like to see the video of Sam & David out with the drone you can find it on YouTube here:

The Togcast is hosted by Sam Gregory ( and Paul Sanders ( We will be back at the end of August 2017 - thanks for listening.

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