The Togcast Photography Podcast

#18 - with David Newton

May 17, 2017

This week we catch up with Sandisk Extreme team member and Canon specialist tutor David Newton. David travels the world as a professional photographer and videographer working and teaching for top brands. He is a versatile all rounder shooting landscapes, travel, portraits and commercially. 

In this chat Paul talks with David about his motivations and inspirations and a little bit about what it takes to make it as a professional phogotapher today, this is a man who took 63 flights last year alone! They also talk about adapting to the times and becoming proficient in a wide range of disciplines including drone & videography, plus Dave's ongoing work with Canon as a tutor and educator. 

The guys also discuss the Canon 5DsR vs the Fuji GFX as Dave has just returned from a road trip in the USA where he was able to compare them back to back 'in the field'. This is a fascinating glimpse into the life of a full time pro photographer who travels the world making images and videos for top clients.

For more of Dave's work please visit and follow him on Twitter (@photopositive) and Facebook.

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Sam & Paul will be back next week with former 'Landscape Photographer of the Year' winner Andy Farrer.

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