The Togcast Photography Podcast

#17 - with Marc Wilson

May 3, 2017

It was a great pleasure to catch up recently with Marc Wilson ( who is best described as a documentary landscape photographer and to delve into some of his project work on Episode 17 of the show...

Marc deals with long term projects anchored in the history of the chosen landscapes. Between 2011-2015 'The Last Stand' project focused on old military posts and stations around the coasts of Northern Europe. There was a strong visual aesthetic that ran through the work and in the show we discuss some of his shooting methods and preferences to create that consistency and visual narrative.

We also spent some time in the show chatting about his current work based on the locations, stories and impact of the holocaust called 'A wounded landscape'. This project has raised the bar even further with more locations, more exploration of the back stories and obviously a hugely sensitive subject matter.

We do hope you enjoy the show. To see more of Marc Wilson's work please check out his website.

As usual a big thanks to Wex Photographic for supporting the show, we're very grateful for their support and encourage you all to check out their full range of camera, video and lighting equipment on their website.