#24 - with Mark Littlejohn & Free Workshop Offer

September 7, 2017

We have a great guest on this weeks show - Mark Littlejohn (former 'Landscape Photographer of the Year') is highly respected for his images, especially from the Lake District and his beloved Ullswater area. Sam caught up with him on one of the Ullswater Steamers and they chatted about his passions for the Lakes, how it drove his photography and some of his ups and downs in Photography.

This is a great chat with Mark who has a no-nonsense approach to life generally which reflects in his approach to Photography.

Also in this show we're offering 3 listeners the chance to come on a FREE weekend workshop in Snowdonia with top UK photographer Greg Whitton (Fri 24th Nov - Sun 26th Nov 2017). Greg is a former 'Outdoor Photographer of the Year' winner and knows this Snowdonia area like the back of his hand. We've teamed up with Greg and WEX to bring this amazing offer to you for free, no catch, just as a big thank you for listening to the show. Full info & application process is here: http://www.thetogcast.com/prizes/

And finally, we're also releasing a new video with Bruce Percy from his 2017 Exhibition. In this latest video (part 2/4) we chat with Bruce about some of his images from Bolivia and break them down in more detail. We look at the composition and tones, the choices made in the feel and in developing the images back on the computer. You can see the video here: https://youtu.be/36O5qjNA3i0

Thanks as ever for listening, we hope you enjoy this bumper show. We'll be back in two weeks time with more Photography chat and interviews.

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Summer Interlude - Bruce Percy Video & More…

August 24, 2017

Welcome to this brief Summer update from us here at The Togcast. We wanted to let you know about a new video we have released with top travel & landscape photographer Bruce Percy. Sam caught up with Bruce at his recent exhibition in Edinburgh and in the first of our videos (more to come) we chat about his photographic journey, and how the exhibition and his new book came to fruition.

Also in this brief mini-episode we mention our FREE workshop in Snowdonia offer which we will talk about in full in our next episode on Thursday September 7th. This will be our first 'proper' episode back after our summer break and it will feature Mark Littlejohn, former Landscape Photographer of the Year.

Thanks as ever for listening, stay tuned for more videos, podcasts and more via TheTogcast.com 

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#23 - with David Hopley ‘King of the Drones’

July 27, 2017

We're joined by David Hopley, our self titled 'king of the drones'! Joking aside David has carved out a following in the aerial photography scene and has been successful with his images in Landscape Photographer of the Year, Outdoor Photographer of the Year and other competitions. Drone/Aerial photography can split opinion and so we do get into this with David as well as chatting with him about his early experiences, what he learnt, how he became a qualified aerial pilot and much more.

We hope you enjoy this chat with David, for more about him and his images please visit: https://www.drawswithlight.co.uk

Also on this show we mention the upcoming 'Fotofest' show on September 10th where Paul is one of the guest speakers and The Togcast will be hosting a mini Q&A at the end of the days proceedings. For more info on this inspirational and enjoyable day of all things photography visit https://www.fotospeed.com

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VIDEO: If you'd like to see the video of Sam & David out with the drone you can find it on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/TTK5wBZaKGM

The Togcast is hosted by Sam Gregory (http://www.samgregory-photography.com) and Paul Sanders (http://www.paulsanders.biz). We will be back at the end of August 2017 - thanks for listening.


#22 - with Doug Chinnery

July 12, 2017

This week we catch up with full time pro photographer, teacher, printer & writer Doug Chinnery. Whether you've seen Doug's images in magazines, through his Webinar videos or speaking at a photo convention somewhere you will surely have caught some of his captivating work. Highly regarded for his alternative technique imagery (Intentional Camera Movement & Multiple Exposures especially) Doug is equally at home creating classic images for commercial clients and enjoys leading workshops around the world on his own, with Valda Bailey and for Light & Land.

We chat about how he juggles all these aspects of his professional life, how he carves out time (or not) for his own image making, the motivations behind using certain techniques and what drives his image making style. We also pose the question "is the single image dead"?

We hope you enjoy this chat with one of the UK's leading photographers. We'll be back in 2 weeks with David Hopley for a drone filled chat about his work!

NEW VIDEO: Why not check out our screen video with Doug Chinnery where he talks through some of his portfolios in more detail with Sam. We break down some of the compositions, aspect ratios, moods and much more in this 40 minute image review. You can find the video on www.thetogcast.com or via YouTube just search 'The Togcast Doug Chinnery'

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#21 - with Colin Bell

June 28, 2017

We catch up with photographer Colin Bell and discuss his recently released book 'Healing'. With a forward from Joe Cornish, and a simply exquisite presentation, this book has been extremely well received with critical acclaim abound. Colin focuses on three areas of the North West of England in particular and documents their conflict with man and how that has shaped and varied the locations. We also discuss how this process has had a healing effect for Colin himself who has found photography to be an excellent retreat physically and mentally.

This is a great insight into the toil involved in self-publicising your own work, and also some of the joys, pitfalls and more. We also get into why the locations were chosen and some of the aesthetic choices and decisions made.

*WIN* We also have a free copy of Colins book to give away, which includes 4 signed prints - this is worth over £60 and more than that it is a beatiful piece of work that all landscape lovers will enjoy. Listen to the show for instructions on how to enter the prize draw.

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Thanks for listening! Sam & Paul


#20 - with Morag Paterson

June 14, 2017

Join us as we catch up with the wonderful Morag Paterson. As well as being a highly regarded landscape and fine art photographer Morag is a Dark Sky Ranger in the Galloway Forest Park, a champion Axe Thrower and a competing member of the Scottish National Tamburello team, and currently spends her time between an ecological house she designed and built on a stormy Galloway hillside with her husband, fine art photographer Ted Leeming, and a five-hundred year old house they are restoring in the hills of Liguria, Italy.

We chat about her motivations, her work flow and staying true to your aesthetic vision however it comes to pass. This is an entertaining chat with a highly respected photographer, tutor and artist. 

For more about Morag Paterson and her partner Ted Leeming please visit: https://www.leemingpaterson.com

*If you'd like to win a copy of the 'Zero Footprint' book created by Leeming & Paterson please email your name and address to contact@thetogcast.com to be in our free prize draw.

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#19 - with Andy Farrer

May 31, 2017

We catch up with former Landscape Photographer of the Year - Andy Farrer. Andy is well known for his excellent work in and around Dorset and the surrounding area but he also now travels and teaches around the world. We discuss the benefits of getting to know your local area and the rewards for persistance in your shooting. We also chat about his history studying photography, his move from film and also a bit of his past as a high street photo printer.

We also look forward to the future and discuss his motivations and his new business venture producing prints, canvases and more for photographers and buyers alike. We chat a little about how LPOTY changed things and also that winning image of the snow on the beach at Bats Head near Durdle Door.

Please do take a look at Andys websites https://www.andyfarrer.co.uk and http://www.fineartinkorporated.co.uk 

We'll be back in a couple of weeks time with Morag Paterson from the photographic duo Leeming & Paterson. 

The Togcast is hosted by Sam Gregory (http://www.samgregory-photography.com) & Paul Sanders (http://www.paulsanders.biz)

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#18 - with David Newton

May 17, 2017

This week we catch up with Sandisk Extreme team member and Canon specialist tutor David Newton. David travels the world as a professional photographer and videographer working and teaching for top brands. He is a versatile all rounder shooting landscapes, travel, portraits and commercially. 

In this chat Paul talks with David about his motivations and inspirations and a little bit about what it takes to make it as a professional phogotapher today, this is a man who took 63 flights last year alone! They also talk about adapting to the times and becoming proficient in a wide range of disciplines including drone & videography, plus Dave's ongoing work with Canon as a tutor and educator. 

The guys also discuss the Canon 5DsR vs the Fuji GFX as Dave has just returned from a road trip in the USA where he was able to compare them back to back 'in the field'. This is a fascinating glimpse into the life of a full time pro photographer who travels the world making images and videos for top clients.

For more of Dave's work please visit http://www.photopositive.co.uk and follow him on Twitter (@photopositive) and Facebook.

As ever we'd like to thank the lovely people at http://www.wexphotographic.com for supporting the show. Check them out for any of your photography or video requirements.

Sam & Paul will be back next week with former 'Landscape Photographer of the Year' winner Andy Farrer.

The Togcast is hosted by Sam Gregory (http://www.samgregory-photography.com) and Paul Sanders (http://www.paulsanders.biz). 


#17 - with Marc Wilson

May 3, 2017

It was a great pleasure to catch up recently with Marc Wilson (www.marcwilson.co.uk) who is best described as a documentary landscape photographer and to delve into some of his project work on Episode 17 of the show...

Marc deals with long term projects anchored in the history of the chosen landscapes. Between 2011-2015 'The Last Stand' project focused on old military posts and stations around the coasts of Northern Europe. There was a strong visual aesthetic that ran through the work and in the show we discuss some of his shooting methods and preferences to create that consistency and visual narrative.

We also spent some time in the show chatting about his current work based on the locations, stories and impact of the holocaust called 'A wounded landscape'. This project has raised the bar even further with more locations, more exploration of the back stories and obviously a hugely sensitive subject matter.

We do hope you enjoy the show. To see more of Marc Wilson's work please check out his website.

As usual a big thanks to Wex Photographic for supporting the show, we're very grateful for their support and encourage you all to check out their full range of camera, video and lighting equipment on their website.


#16 - ConnectedTEN Exhibition Special

April 19, 2017

Join Sam as he reports from the launch weekend of the ConnectedTEN Exhibition in Nottingham. Sam catches up with the 3 guest speakers from the Sunday (Rachael Talibart, John Irvine & Michela Griffith) and also the organiser Rob Knight.

It was a balmy Spring day and all 3 guest speakers made a great impression on the packed out audience. The Connected Exhibition (www.connected-exhibition.co.uk) is showing at the Patchings Arts Centre, Nottingham until May 7th, 2017 so do get down there and check it out. There is a wealth of wonderful images on show from a wide variety of photographers.

Sam & Paul will be back with a 'normal' episode featuring the documentary landscape photographer Marc Wilson (www.marcwilson.co.uk) in a couple of weeks time. It's a fascinating chat about his long-form projects touching deep subject matter, one not to miss.

Thanks as usual to www.wexphotographic.com for supporting the show and keeping this a free-to-air show.

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Thanks for listening!